How to View Webinars:

We'll guide you through the process of ordering and viewing your webinar in these few screenshots of the process below.

1. Once you've selected the webinars you want and start your order you'll see the Shipping info screen. Although you'll be getting your webinar immediately, it's a necessary step in the order process. It will look like this:

2. Next, you'll enter in your credit card info into our secure pages. All of your information is protected.

If you'll notice between the "Check Out:" bar and your information, there is a description of what happens after your order is placed. When you order a Live Webinar with Dr. Elder, you'll recieve an email from us about a week before the webinar is scheduled with more details allowing you to prepare for the webinar. When you place an order for a Recorded Webinar, you'll be able to watch it immediately after downloading a small file that will have a link to the Webinar.

3. This step is so you can verify your information as well as your order:

4. Finally, you'll confirm your order, and you should see a download link to the right of the page after the page updates.

The Download button appears after you confirm the order, like so:

And now you can Download your file, save it on your desktop so you can find it. Now, open it in your web browser (use the menus File-> Open-> find the file on your desktop) to view a page. Near the bottom is a button and a link. Click this button to begin viewing your Recorded Webinar: If it doesn't launch your browser, merely copy the link and paste it into your web browser's address bar to begin viewing.

Enjoy your webinar. If you have problem please contact us at (800) 458-0939 or at